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what we do

Screen Central is the new name for The Producers’ Forum. This was a strategic decision made in order to reflect our broader vision across the full breadth of the screen sector. Screen Central is a place and a space in the West Midlands where screen creatives, whatever their role, come together to connect, collaborate and create. 
We are an independent membership organisation serving the vibrant screen community in the West Midlands. Our membership includes Producers, Writers and Directors as well as a good mix of DOPs, Editors, Art Directors, Sound Recordists and Composers and lots of others too! We welcome everyone who is involved in telling stories on a screen, whatever size or shape it is, and whatever role they play to join our organisation. We began as just a handful of producers trying to help each other out back in 2003 and have grown to a much wider group with a strong regional and national influence that helps us develop our careers, connect with others, have a voice and grow our creative endeavours. Join today - together we are stronger

Our vision

To connect the full breadth of the screen community. If your work involves telling stories on a screen, whether it be a mobile, a laptop, a TV, a cinema screen or a games console and whatever role you do. Screen Central welcomes you as a member to join our community and together we can help it grow into a vibrant and sustainable sector in our region.

Our mission

  • To be a place where people come together to share skills and knowledge

  • To be relevant for all screen creatives in our region

  • To provide pathways to develop local talent at all levels of experience

  • To keep our members informed of news, progress and opportunities

  • To ensure the voice of our industry is heard within our region

  • To ensure the voice of our industry is heard nationally and internationally