Image taken by  Joe Sampson  on set of Gemma Leanne video, 2Weeks2Make It Midlands 2013. Image courtesy of Herbert Art Gallery.

Image taken by Joe Sampson on set of Gemma Leanne video, 2Weeks2Make It Midlands 2013. Image courtesy of Herbert Art Gallery.


Register your team by 22nd May!

Filmmaker teams can be comprised of any number of members, but must comply with the following:

  • You must have your own equipment - Producers' Forum cannot provide equipment to teams, though we will try and assist you with linking up with skills and suppliers should you request it. 
  • You must have your own insurance - the Producers' Forum does not accept any liability for any actions, equipment or safety on your shoot - it is the responsibility of the team's producer to ensure that the team and any cast and crew are adequately insured for the activities that take place during the competition
  • The lead applicant for the team must be a member of the Producers' Forum - this is limited to producer, director or DOP only. Join the Producers' Forum for £25 for the year or find out more information. 
  • All ideas, visuals, concepts, scripts, footage, animations, storyboards or other creative element of any kind must be created within the  2 week window and be the original work of the film-making team or agreed partners of the filmmakers 
  • Full copyright of the video will remain with the filmmaking team and musical artist in an equal partnership on a worldwide, perpetual basis. In return, the filmmakers and musical artist agree to sub-licence the video to The Producers' Forum for the purposes of exploiting, promoting and marketing the 2Weeks2Make It Midlands competition and the The Producers' Forum only on a worldwide, perpetual basis.
  • Any video not submitted within the 2 week period will not be eligible for competition; should the filmmakers and musical act decide to complete the music video outside the 2 week period, then full ownership rights of that video will fall to the musical act and filmmaking team in a 50/50 joint ownership and no sub-licence will be required to be given to The Producers' Forum.