Save the Light House

Light House is the Black Country's only independent cinema with galleries and a cafe bar set in a very attractive Victorian building in Wolverhampton. Its also facing potential closure so we wanted to highlight this amazing and unique building to encourage our visitors to check it out.

Two years ago, Carole Manship, the Chair of the Forum, visited Kelly Jeffs, Light House CEO, to learn about their plight and wrote an article for the Forum newsletter entitled “The Light House in Wolverhampton ‒ Use it or lose it”. It’s a great tribute to Kelly and her team that Light House is still going, but the current situation is that its closure is a real possibility. As noted two years ago, we lost The Drum in Birmingham.  It would be a tragedy if the Light House also folds.

A key winner for them would be to find a partner or sponsors and if you are in a position to help in that way, please do contact Kelly Jeffs at Light House on 01902 716055.

As an individual there are also ways in which you can help.  When Carole visited Kelly in October 2016, she asked Kelly to let our members and readers know what Light House offers. Kelly’s response is repeated here as a reminder of ways in which we can all support Light House.

  • Light House offers a full and varied cinema programme as well as what we coin ‘Thinema’ – Theatre in Cinema, including productions from the National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, The Globe, The Royal Ballet, The Australian Ballet and The Royal Opera House. 
  • Light House has a warm and welcoming café/bar ‘Lock Works’ and customers are of course welcome to take in a glass of wine or a beer into the screenings.
  • There is a vast array of other activities on offer at Light House including Language Cafes, Culture Club discussion group, Singing for Lung Health, Film & TV Quiz, & Social Media Surgeries.
  • Light House offers an annual friends scheme that offers a discount on cinema tickets.
  • Light House offers screening facilities to filmmakers and test audiences at a very competitive rate. There are also meeting spaces and exhibition spaces for hire. For hire enquiries please contact

A new initiative announced this August in the local paper is a loyalty card scheme.  They have printed 5000 of them and holders will be encouraged with rewards if they visit Light House at least once a month. There doesn’t appear to be anything on their website as yet, but do contact them if you wish to purchase one (01902 716055 or email the marketing manager) and please visit the website to see more details of all the bullet points listed above.