Birmingham's creatives ready for hire

Talent Connect is a new initiative, bringing twelve fresh faces to Birmingham’s creative industry. It is the first time a scheme like this has been piloted, with its main drive to help enable new talent to enter into the sector as freelancers.
The group of 18 to 25-year-olds with an array of talents are available for projects that need immediate hiring for a minimum of one day or companies planning for projects over a period of weeks and months.

Each participant has an online profile. Once registered on the website (a matter of seconds), employers can access the profiles, where they can choose a participant which fits their requirements and contact them directly. The skills of this talent pool are camera operation, camera assisting, editing, hair and make-up, lighting assistant, graphic design, scriptwriting, locations, administration, social media, web development and more.

The contracts will be between the company/organisation and the participant. All participants have set up as self-employed and are responsible for their own tax and National Insurance. Remuneration is set at a minimum of the living wage per hour. There are no additional costs to the participating employers.

When approached by Talent Connect, Michael Ford of Infinite Wisdom said, “I would definitely look at this platform if I needed new freelancers, having already recruited similar talent through the Producers’ Forum in recent months. I’m sure it goes without saying but depending on the nature and size of the project, depends on who or what we need.
In essence it’s like the Creative England Crew Database, except that the Forum is screening people. People can’t simply register and say whatever they want. That’s the selling point for me!”

Talent Connect has been created by The Producers’ Forum and Creative Alliance with the support of Creative Skillset’s Film Skills Fund, with BFI’s Film Forever National Lottery funds. Creative Skillset is the industry skills body for the Creative Industries.

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