Forum Bytes - twice!

In March we had our second running of Forum Bytes. This is when our monthly networking moves to The Mockingbird and includes screenings of members’ works. Skilfully compered by Mark Pressdee, we were treated to 11 very different pieces. 

The opening work was sumptuous scenes from high end TV drama Victoria, which highlighted the work of its Art Director (and Forum member) John West.  Other longstanding members whose work was screened was Ravinol Chambers’ trailer for his documentary Tuk Tuk. Ravinol was unable to attend, but Pip Piper, who is helping with this production, took a short Q&A, largely to gain feedback on audience views of what they had just seen. Sima Gonsai contributed Outside In, a very moving documentary showing the work of principal dancers of the Birmingham Royal Ballet working with Freefall Dance Company, Birmingham Royal Ballet’s own company of highly gifted dancers with severe learning disabilities.  Mark screened his own Longitude, billed as a ‘historical musical performance’, which showed the Liverpool Philharmonic Choir singing about the 18th century search for a way to measure longitude.  Sounds serious?  You’d be very surprised!

Two members who are working on feature length films used the opportunity to show trailers.  Lee Greenhough had two on his slate:  On Our Own and Together Apart. Both look intriguing.  Lalit Bhusal screened a trailer and his crowd funding campaign video for Crushed Wings, a feature length film to combat the practice of Female Genital Mutilation.  We wish both Lee and Lalit the best of luck in bringing these works to the big screen and wide audiences.

Many new members took part in the evening.  Bhulla Begal brought two short pieces – the first was a one-minute animation about domestic abuse called A Scribbled Memory and the second was a video showing his very enchanting 5 year old nephew in Avian the Maker.  Hannah Davis screened her 7 minute short film, Stronger Than, made during her participation in the Foot in the Door training programme; Mathew Hammond showed his horror short, Wrek, and Daniel Gardiner and Paul Ullah showed their 5 minute comedy drama Mr Malchance.

Forum Bytes is very much what The Producers’ Forum is about.  There was a real buzz in the theatre and in the bar following the screenings.  It certainly made all of us proud of what our members are accomplishing.

If you are a Producer's Forum member and would like to see your work on the big screen, there are two more opportunities in 2018 – our July and December First Mondays. Send a link of your clip to Mark Pressdee. Remember, it must be 10 minutes or less. (And if you’re not a member and would like to see your work on the big screen, why not join now?)

Photo credit: Phillip Parnell Photography

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