Cinesisters - Change is Now!


Cinesisters is delighted to launch its new branch covering the Midlands along with a showreel showcasing the work of women film directors aimed at highlighting the breadth of talent available and addressing the industry gap in knowledge of the work of female directors.

Cinesisters is a collective of female directors dedicated to supporting the creation of more films by and about women. The group currently has more than 100 members, who meet in London once a month to offer each other hands-on advice and share relevant experience. Due to many of members struggling to get to London, but wanting to be part of this supportive and informative group, a Midlands Branch has now been started by Cinesister, award winning Director and Forum member, Rebekah Fortune.

Cinesisters was formed in response to the barriers female directors face in the film and TV industry. According to ‘Cut Out of the Picture’, the report commissioned by Directors UK in 2016 to look at female participation in the industry, just 13.6% of working film directors in the past decade were women.

Cinesisters confronts this fact. The collective supports and promotes members work and offers a place to share practical problems and successes. Members include BAFTA winners, Screen Stars of Tomorrow, Broadcast Hotshots, Breakthrough Brits and Emmy nominees. Members have worked with big-hitters including BBC Films, Film4, Pathe, Canal Plus, Channel 5, Film London, Netflix and Sky.

The launch of the Cinesisters showreel is intended to showcase this incredibly talented group of women. The Cinesisters website also offers a database of members’ work as a direct response to an industry switching onto the previously untapped talent of female directors.

Any Female Director of Film, TV or Animation who is interested in joining this wonderful collective are encouraged to contact Cinesisters for more information.

Co-founder Claire Oakley says:

“Directors don’t often meet each other but we all have a wealth of experience. It seemed crazy not to share it. Through the group we can learn from each other and support each other to get our films funded, made and released.”

The unique set up of the group is a key factor in its success as co-founder Nicola Mills points out:

“I’ve found nothing as inspiring as this kind of peer to peer mentoring and support - the sheer amount of information and energy you can access through the Cinesisters network never fails to make me grin: change is definitely now.”

View Cinesisters member's work and showreels here.

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