An brief interview with ex-CEO, Pip Piper


We took an opportunity recently to pose a few quick questions to our outgoing CEO, Pip PIper about his time with the Forum. Here's what he had to say:

How would you summarise your time as CEO of the Forum?

I feel very honoured to have been able to serve the Producers Forum as it’s CEO for the past several years.

It’s had a fair mix of challenges as well as high points but always most satisfying when you see the impact on individuals as they pursue their film-making.

It has only been possible to at first save the forum , keep it alive and see the PF start to grow again due to the work of the board of directors and especially the forum Chair, Carole Manship.

What achievement are you most proud of in your time there?

It’s two things really. First seeing people’s film-making grow both in terms of skills and knowledge and connections but most importantly people making films and media that has found audiences and had impact.
The second would be helping to ensure our members and filmmakers voices in general are heard by the regions and nations decision makers. We've knocked down a few doors together in the past few years and are firmly sat at the table so let’s not lose that influence.

Do you have a particular fondest memory that sticks out?

Over so many years that’s quite difficult to pick one thing out.

There have been so many laughs, occasional embarrassing moments and the odd really exciting thing. Varied for sure.

What does the future hold for the region's filmmakers and content producers?

Great things I hope.

In many ways I hope I have instilled the sense that on the whole it’s in our own hands to make it happen but also there is a fair wind of optimism at the moment which I really hope creates new opportunities , finance and collaboration.

Channel 4 , Stephen Knights Studios , The WMSB , BFI monies and CE funds and activity plus lots more!

Bring it on!

What's next for you?

Not retirement as some seem to think! Hey I’m 54 years young.

I’m still hard at it with three feature documentaries filming currently. Two feature dramas in development and a bunch of other film related activity.

I’ve moved to Devon, I get to walk my dog on the beach and I’m definitely slowing some of the pace down but I still have creative ideas and ambition. In terms of my relationship with Birmingham and the region I’m still connected and interested just seeing it from a different vantage point.

I’m hoping to develop some initiatives to broker opportunities and collaboration between the South West and the Midlands.

Can you summarise why the Producers' Forum is so important to the region?
Its hugely important because it’s relevant. It’s the grass roots. It weaves together connection through its diverse membership , offers authentic networking both within in its own distinct sector but also across sectors. It’s passionate and unwavering in its action to help train and develop but also champion.

If you haven’t joined you simply must!