And they are off!

After Friday night’s launch with our host, Janice Long and special panel guests, Dutch Van Spall, Craig Davis, Daniel Alexander and Rob Speranza, the film teams and artists were matched up by random draw- with several teams winning extra kit hire and studio space for the two week period courtesy of sponsors Media Dog Hire, Birmingham Film Hire and Frantic Studios.

It’s a fabulous lineup with some artists you may have heard of. The teams include alternative rock group Fuzzbox, who enjoyed success in the 80s and 90s with the 1989 hit ‘Pink Sunshine’.

Rhino and the Ranters are festival favourites, performing at Moseley Folk, Swingamajig and more. You may not know that Richard March, the band’s double bassist, was part of the classic Brummie greebo band Pop Will Eat Itself and Bentley Rhythm Ace.

Indie singer-songwriter-guitarist Khaliq’s musical beginnings commenced with a meeting with legendary producer Gavin Monaghan of Magic Garden Recording Studio; leading to a deal with the iconic Tony Wilson of Factory Records and the joining of forces between Derek Ryder (Happy Mondays’ Management) and Coe Khaliq.

Singer-songwriter Rheo Di Marco is also an in demand model and was a Miss England finalist in 2016.

The final pairings are as follows (artist/film team):

Meg: Stickleback Productions

Heavy Beat Brass Band: RMH Media Productions

Rhino and the Ranters: 30 Snake Films


Sticky Joe: Scarlett Light Media

Combined Authority: Electric Blue

Fuzzbox: 2 Jon Productions

Rheo Di Marco: Geniuswave 

Ant McAndrew: Chris and Tim 

Electrik: NFX films

Charlieb: Tyrrell Corporation 

This Burning Age: 143 Film

Flesh Eating Foundation: CH Media

Good luck teams, see you in 2 Weeks!