A panellist for the artists at tonight's Launch

Tonight's the night of the 2Weeks2Makeit launch. Film teams will be matched with their artists and it's ready, set, SHOOT.

Our fourth panellist and provider of top tips at tonight's launch is Dutch Van Spall of Big Help Music.
Dutch has worked in many areas of the industry and has enjoyed success as a songwriter, soundtrack composer – as well as developing technical skills through his training and work with the BBC and recording studios in the UK, other European countries and the USA.

Working with numerous industry names over the years, Dutch has a wealth of experience. He plays the guitar and continues to write songs. You can often see him presenting some of othe Big Help live events and occasionally filling in for other guitarists on stage and in studio.

Dutch says: “Be passionate about what you do. It’s the one thing we can’t teach you. Your determination and positive energy will help you reach your goal – and is probably more important than how many chords you can play or how many songs you have written.”

Dutch Van Spall will join Daniel Alexander, Rob Speranza, Craig Davis and special guest Janice Long on the stage tonight as we launch 2Weeks2MakeIt Midlands 2017.