New! Artist prize for Audience Award

Sponsor Access to Music is offering two Days’ Recording at Access To Music Studios in Digbeth with Craig Davis (Record producer for RML Studios & Stone.Fields.Productions.) to the artist winners of the Audience Award.
The Audience Award will be given to the team whose video gets the most likes on Facebook between 17 – 26 June. Line up your fans, friends, family, colleagues and slight acquaintances to vote.

Who is Craig Davis? 
Establishing himself as a top producer behind the desk at RML, Craig has assisted in defining and shaping the signature sounds coming out of the West Midlands. Through his production style and approach to artist development, he and his artists have achieved local and national radio play.

Craig is a panelist at the 2Weeks2MakeIt launch event, hosted by Janice Long on June 2nd, discussing music video dos and don'ts, what labels want and more.

Craig said: "I believe that 2Weeks2Makeit gives those involved, a developmental opportunity. It will provide them experience of positive pressure to work to deadlines, understand how different parts of the creative industry work together and how to budget for your creative ideas. For me, there is a deeper outcome I will be looking for; A defined awareness to their brand; Their Image (Clothing, People, Places & Surroundings, Colours, Etc), What they represent? (Who, Where, Morals, Emotions, Backstory, Ect) & finally Their Sound (Does their new visual content represent their sound well?)"

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