Only 24 hours left to enter!

Musicians and film makers, you now have only 24 hours left to register for 2 Weeks 2 Make It Midlands 2017. You'll be randomly teamed up to make a quality music video from start to finish, in just two weeks. 

What if you win? For musicians, aside from your video (of course!) you'll make your journey an awesome one with support from the UK’s leading Artist Development Company, Big Help Music. You'll get advice on self-promotion, skill development, stage craft and more.
The winning film team gets a free kit hire package from kit hire supremos Media Dog Hire and get the chance to make a video with a £500-£1k budget for an established artist with Big Help Music.

Plus big-prize raffles, a launch event featuring veteran DJ Janice Long to get you ready to go and a gala ceremony for the final results. 

WI Productions and musician Sarah Sharp were the winners of the South Yorkshire 2Weeks2Make It in April. Here's what they thought of the competition:

Sarah said: “Initially I was quite nervous in case my filmmaking team didn't 'get' my music. But working with WI Productions was a riot from the start - we clicked straight away and the competition gave us a chance to build up a really good working relationship in a very short space of time.

“It's been exhilarating, fun, and totally worth it... With my album due to come out in September, the publishing deal and PR campaign for Ornaments couldn't come at a better time!"

Holly Hodson from WI Productions said: It was amazing! It really means so much when you are recognised for your hard work. I am so proud of the WI Production team and so happy for Sarah!"

Don't miss out, register now.