Image taken during 2Weeks2Make It Midlands 2013 by  Joe Sampson  on set of Gemma Leanne video. Image courtesy of Herbert Art Gallery.

Image taken during 2Weeks2Make It Midlands 2013 by Joe Sampson on set of Gemma Leanne video. Image courtesy of Herbert Art Gallery.

Musical Artists & Bands

Register your act by 22nd May to enter!

2Weeks2Make It Midlands randomly pairs together musical acts and experienced filmmakers and gives them two weeks to create and edit a music video from scratch. 

Musical acts can be from any genre and be made up of any contributing members on the following basis:

  • Act must have a minimum of one original track produced to a high standard in digital format
  • Any musical tracks used for the purposes of creating a music video must be 100% the musical act's own work and no element of the song used will be under copyright of any third party whatsoever unconnected with the musical act.
  • Registration of interest is completely free.  Following closing of applications on 22nd May, The Producers' Forum will select bands to take part in the competition. If selected for entry the musical act acknowledges there is a non-refundable fee of £75 for entry into the competition, payable in advance of the launch date. In return for the fee they will receive a completed musical video created in a spirit of collaboration with a filmmaking team. 
  • Full copyright of the video will remain with the filmmaking team and musical artist in an equal partnership on a worldwide, perpetual basis. In return, the filmmakers and musical artist agree to sub-licence the video on a worldwide, perpetual basis for the purposes of exploiting, promoting and marketing The Producers' Forum and the 2Weeks2Make It Midlands competition only
  • The Producers' Forum emphasises that the competition is a pairing of random teams and as such teamwork is essential to successfully competing. The Forum accepts no responsibility for any music videos not completed within the 2 weeks period. All filmmakers are selected based on  previous experience and showreel;  however The Producers' Forum cannot guarantee the ability, talent, equipment, originality and creativity of the film-making team.
  • Any video not submitted within the 2 week period will not be eligible for competition; should the filmmakers and musical act decide to complete the music video outside the 2 week period, then full ownership rights of that video will fall to the musical act and filmmaking team in a 50/50 joint ownership and no sub-licence will be required to be given to The Producers' Forum.